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Episode List (Season 1) 

I found these information from MTV.com and ITunes. If you find any mistakes,please let me know.


Air Date・・・放送日
Guest Appearances・・・ゲスト出演
Song List・・・番組内で流れた曲のリスト

Episode 1 - Dope A*s Rapper (Air Date:May 16,2006)
We meet up with our star Jamie Kennedy and his trusty sidekick, Stu Stone - the Jazzy Jeff to Jamie's Fresh Prince. The duo is trying to launch a career in rap and we see them learn that breaking into the music business might be harder than they thought. Jamie takes the plunge and tells his agents that he'll be putting his acting career on hold to chase his rap dream. But the music industry insiders the boys meet with don't take them seriously.

Guest Appearances
Jamie Kennedy(JK)'s parents
Jason & Marty(JK's agents)
Pam(JK's manager)
Burt Bakman(Real Estate Broker/Talent Scouts)
Joe Simpson(Papa Joe Records)
Ronnie Warner(Film & Music Producer)
Method Man(Platinum Selling Rapper)
Bob Saget(Actor)

Song List
"Shoop" - The cover of Salt N Pepas'
"The Left One"
"New Hat"(?)
"Rollin' With Saget"

Song Quote
"Knuckle up son, knuckle-knuckle up!"
"Who you rollin' with? Bob,Bob Saget!"
"The illest mutha****** in a cardigan sweater!"

"It's me and you against the world!" - Stu Stone
"You have nothing to worry about,man,you're gonna be fine. The future is that(*points off*) way,not that(*points back*) way." - Stu Stone

Bob Saget: My shit is hot right now, I can make diarrhea all over the keyboard.
Jamie Kennedy: One take ****** Charlie!

Episode 2 - Law & Disorderlies (Air Date:May 23,2006)
After meeting up with Jason Biggs at an audition for a role in a hundred-million dollar "Columbian Drug Lord" movie, Jamie returns to the studio only to be yelled at by Stu for continuing to chase acting roles instead of concentrating on their rap career. Stu immediately changes his tune when he hears Jamie was also offered a role on "Law & Order: SVU" - that's a role that Jamie should take, because it would allow them to network with the Original Gangsta, Ice-T. They fly to New York to film the episode of SVU and to meet T; Jamie is hesitant to ask Ice T to listen to their CD, because he thinks it will make them look desperate, but Stu won't take no for an answer. Stu becomes friendly with Ice T's wife, Coco, and per her suggestion, slips the CD into Ice T's dressing room. Ice T catches Stu coming out of his dressing room, and angrily tells Jamie that breaking into his dressing room was not cool.

Guest Appearances
Pam(JK's manager - voice)
Jason Biggs(Actor)
Coco (Ice-T's wife)
Sporty O
Suk Sung (Club Promotor)
DJ AM (Professional DJ)

Song List
"Circle Circle Dot Dot"
"You Not Beyonce" - Sporty O

Jamie Kennedy:I got a name....call yourself "JFK".
JK & Stu Stone:"Jamie F***** Kennedy"!!!

Episode 3 - Grillz (Air Date:May 30,2006)
Jamie is excited to attend the Celebrity All-Star basketball game in Houston, Texas, and Stu is psyched to tag along. After all, everyone knows that Houston is a hotbed of hip-hop, and every top rapper in the nation will be there. Once in Houston, Jamie gets word from his manager, Pam, that she has also booked him for a local commercial that promises a huge payday, and he first has to go to pre-production meeting. To Jamie's surprise, the ad is for Mattress Mack, who suggests that Jamie and Jamie get in mattress suits for the commercial.

Guest Appearances
Pam (Jamie's Manager - On the phone)
Mattress Mack (Houston's Mattress Mogul)
"Taxi Jackie"
Youngload (Multi-Platinum Producer)
Mike Jones (Platinum Selling Rapper)
Bow Wow (Rapper/B Baller)
Paul Wall (Rapper/Jeweler)
Johnny Dang (Grillz Expert)

Song List
"Crooked Stick"
"Circle Circle Dot Dot"(Music only)

Episode 4 - Up Your *$%@ (Air Date:June 6,2006)
Jamie and Stu attend a red-carpet party thrown by Kanye West; while they're waiting to enter the press line, they spot Kevin Federline, who is getting tons of media attention. Stu says that if Jamie's going to get the kind of attention that Federline does, he's going to need to "Up His #$%@". He needs to get photographed with a famous girlfriend so they can up their status and "blow up."

Guest Appearances
Giles (Celebrity Paparazzo)
Mena Suvari (Actress)
Pam (Jamie's manager - On the phone)
Burt Bakman(Real Eatate Broker/Talent Scout)
Joe Simpson(Jessica Simpson's Dad)
Sporty O (Producer/Rapper)

Song List
"Celebrity Stalker" (aka "The Stalker Song")

Episode 5 - "Guilty Pleasure" (Air Date:June 13,2006)

Jamie and Stu get booked to play a Bar Mitzvah - if 50 Cent has done it, why can't they? At first the guys are excited that they're a hit with the crowd, but then realize they're never going to have any street cred if the only audience that appreciates them is 13 year-old white kids. The next day, while in the make-up chair for his role in the new film "Hood Love," Jamie is completely transformed into an African-American man. The star of the film, Tracey Morgan, talks to Jamie as he's being transformed and tells Jamie that if he ever really wants to go Platinum in hip-hop, he's going to need to get shot, lose a kidney, or get a girl pregnant. He convinces Jamie to go out into the world as a black man to earn the respect of the hip-hop "gated community." Jamie calls his friends in Three 6 Mafia, who agree to let Jamie and Stu perform as their opening act in Long Beach. Stu - who is also in disguise as a black man and looks amazingly like Tito Jackson - demands "What's going to stop them from killing us!" Jamie says Stu will feel better if they try the disguises out first, so they follow Jason Biggs into a coffee shop and chase him out, yelling "Get out of here, Pie #$%@er!" At the concert, they meet Three 6 Mafia, who are amazed by the makeup that the guys are in, but still think they're going to get their a*ses kicked. When Jamie and Stu take the stage in costume, they are loudly booed, until the audience response forces the guys offstage. Once the make-up is off, Stu convinces Jamie to go onstage again as a white man. This time - the crowd loves them. At the end of the night, Three 6 Mafia points out to Jamie and Stu that they're better artists when they stay true to who they really are.

Guest Appearances
Tracy Morgan (Actor/comedian)
Bradley Lewis (Sidekick)
Jason Biggs
Three 6 Mafia

Song List
Circle Circle Dot Dot
Poole Palace (by Sporty O)

Episode 6 - "Do It Yourself" (Air Date:June 20,2006)

Jamie and Stu have decided to make their own music video, and Jamie has agreed to pick up the tab. One problem; Jamie's parents have flown in for a visit on the week of the big video shoot. Stu thinks Jamie is trying to show off for them to win their approval. Jamie denies this and says that they can help out with the video. The boys meet Jamie's parents at their hotel and explain that the video will be based on the song "Rolling with Saget." Mom and Dad love Saget! Maybe a little too much... But when they aren't raving about Bob, they're helping Jamie audition "Booty Girls" for the video. Finally, the day of the big video shoot arrives and Jamie and Stu are psyched! They can't believe what a big production this is turning out to be, courtesy of producer Dave Meyer. Then the star of the video arrives: Bob Saget. Jamie's parents fawn over Saget and Jamie's jealousy returns full force. Soon, the director calls, "Action!" and the video shoot is underway. George Lucas shows up for a surprise cameo and Jamie's dad pulls him aside and shares some of his theories about aliens. Later, Tara Reid and John Stamos both show up for cameo appearances. Through it all, Saget keeps poking fun at Jamie, pointing out that Jamie's parents seem to like him better than Jamie. Jamie tries to laugh this off, but it's starting to get to him. Finally, Jamie and Stu decide to confront Saget. They ask him to stop making so many jokes at their expense. Soon, the boys and Saget are bonding as they rap together on camera and perform the video's big show-stopping finale. After the rap is a wrap, Saget jokingly flirts with Jamie's mom and gets her cell phone number as Jamie looks on in disbelief. Once again, Saget gets the last laugh.

Guest Appearances
Bob Saget
Tara Leid
George Lucas
John Stamos
Bob & Josie Kennedy (Jamie Kennedy's parents)

Episode 7 - "The Break Up" (aka "Starting Over") (Air Date:June 30,2006)
Jamie's manager Pam tells him he needs to stay focused because she's got them a gig on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in a few days. It seems like they're finally going to blow up. Later that same morning, Jamie and Stu head to the valley for an interview and photo shoot with a local magazine, the "Studio City Shopper." Things get tense when Stu is overshadowed by Jamie, and pushed into the background of the interview and the photos. To ease the tension, Jamie says he's going to take Stu for "counseling".

Episode 8 - "Deal With It" (aka "Getting Signed") (Air Date:July 7,2006 - SEASON 1 FINAL!!)
Following their successful performance on Jimmy Kimmel, the guys are flooded with calls, e-mails and faxes. It seems their dream of getting a deal is finally coming true, but now they wonder: Should they sign with a label or launch themselves as an independent act? They need someone to give them some advice. Sorting through their new fan mail, Stu finds a copy of a Vibe Magazine - in it is a Rocawear ad that actually includes a photo of Jamie and Stu! Now Jamie and Stu have a plan: They are going to fly to New York to meet with Jay-Z (after all, he owes them after using their photos in his ad,) and Jay-Z can give them the career advice they need. But as soon as they walk in the front door of Def Jam, they walk right back out. They were turned away by Security. Now walking the streets of New York pissed off, Jamie calls his manager Pam who saves the day by getting the guys a meeting with Russell Simmons. But Russell thinks the meeting is about Phat Farm clothes, not about the music business. He tells Jamie that he has no intention of signing the duo. His advice: "Smile and breathe." Just when the New York trip seems like a waste, they join Heather B for dinner, who tells them she'll arrange a meeting with DJ Premiere. Premiere likes the guys and their music, and offers to cut a track for them - a major victory. Back in LA, the pressure is on to decide who they're going to sign with, or if they'll be signing with anyone. They make a decision to make a decision. In the meantime, they plan a huge star-studded party in Las Vegas to make the official announcement.
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