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Free Ringtone for MySpace friends 

Starting tonight through the weekend Jamie and Stu are giving away a free ringtone – “Beatbox” – free only for Jamie’s MySpace friends. Just become a friend on their page if you haven't already!

This is a gift from Jamie & Stu.....

To hear more ringtones from the album “Blowin’ Up” go to jkssrecords.com and click on ringtones or text JKss to 73804.....You can get the FULL list of tones they have from their album, personalized ringers, Ice T and E-40 ringers etc... but this one is FREE!!!


Free ringtone: http://myxertones.com/tag/14389/
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Blowin' Up DVD Release?! 

TV Show on DVD.comによれば・・・

Paramount/MTV plans a November 28th release of Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up - The Complete 1st Season. The 2-DVD set will have every episode from last May's reality show. Cover art,and extras (if any), have not been revealed just yet. Stay tuned.

「Blowin' Up」のDVD盤が「Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up - The Complete 1st Season」として11月28日にリリース予定だそうです!コンプリートと言ってもどんな感じになるかはまだ明らかになっていませんが・・・楽しみですね!!シーズン2も製作されるのでしょうか?

Hopefully is there 2nd season....? Hope so.
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Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone Show 

I guess this video is from the final episode of "Blowin' Up". Jamie & Stu performed "Car Rear" on the show.

この動画はおそらく最終回からのものだと思います。ジェイミーとStuは「Car Rear」を披露。
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Jamie & Stu invade The Blue Room 

AT&T blue roomでの独占インタビュー&ジェイミー・ケネディの独占ハウス・ツアー(ジェイミーの家の中を公開!)の動画が見られます。

Check the exclusive interview & an exclusive tour of Jamie's house on AT&T blue room!!

Click here
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